Au bon marché Bernard

A bilingual eCommerce for a family business specializing in workwear retailing

Offer quality work clothes

Retailer of men's and women's clothing for several decades, Au bon marché de Bernard has been a family business for three generations. From selling used clothing in the 50's, to distributing new work clothes starting in the 70's, the company decided a few years ago to modernize its processes and go digital.

Looking for a new SaaS e-commerce solution, the owner discovered dvore through Panier Bleu. Opting for a 100% Quebec-based technology platform seemed the most logical choice and aligned with the company's values.

Since then, the dvore team has accompanied the organization in the implementation and migration of their online store in addition to continuing to improve the company's processes!

Our mandate

  • Migration of an existing eCommerce to dvore

    Turnkey migration of all products, customers and orders to their new dvore online store.

  • Customized inventory updates

    Administrators can import a complete inventory update via a custom CSV file.

  • Integration of a delivery logistics solution

    Automate the creation of the tracking number and compare rates of several carriers in real time through the integration of the Machool platform.

Connecting their new POS system to their dvore eCommerce platform in the coming months.