Discover our partner program designed specifically for agencies.

We understand the reality of creative agencies.

Web project management is completely different from working on strategy, marketing, communications or creative design mandates.

By becoming a DVORE Partner, you will be able to:


Increase your profitability and your efficiency

By maintaining the relationship with your customers.

By quickly receiving a cost estimate for your Web projects.


Let your creativity go

With custom designs for your customers based on mockups, mood boards or just sites that inspire you.

With content integration performed by professionals respecting the latest performance standards


Automate your client's processes

By integrating their management and marketing tools via an API to automate and optimize their processes and ensure the flow of data.

By offering tailor-made features and custom modules for the specific needs of your clients.


Stay in control of your projects

With a transparent project management allowing you to follow in real time the progress of each step.

Through a dedicated account manager available by email or phone.


Generate additional and recurring revenue

With a commission on all the punctual and recurring revenues generated by the projects of your clients.

By receiving references for the creative projects of our clients.


DVORE is a fully multilingual e-commerce and website platform with a unique hybrid approach: a scalable core, combined with custom features and integrations. By connecting with existing technologies and business operations, it can automate processes, facilitate communications and maximize productivity.


A perfectly multilingual platform

Your customers and their employees will have access to a tool in the language of their choice, from the client interface to the administration and e-mail communications.

Language management is the core of DVORE, it does not require any plugin or module.


No more painful and expensive updates

Unlike open source CMS such as WordPress or Magento, DVORE updates automatically and transparently for your customers


The advantage of a SaaS platform

Your customers will benefit from the new features available on the platform as they become available thanks to its scalable cloud structure.


The flexibility of custom development

Need an API connection to import or export data? To add custom features or management modules? We will develop them for your customers so that they integrate perfectly with DVORE.

Interested in becoming a partner?

We are ready to work with your team!