Human resources

Focus on effective, transparent and participative talent management.

Organize your Data

Human resource management starts with well-ranked data. Make it easier to follow the training steps of an employee, to improve your hiring process or to follow the evolution of a candidate and his qualifications.

Manage users access rights

Each type of job consists of a role with specific tasks. Rank your employees by job types and assign them access to the platform that corresponds to the tasks to be performed. You can also identify a supervisor for each role or employee.

Employee file 

Several employee data can be classified in the form. They include the fields required for hiring, tracking information, payroll data and employee qualifications. Of course, this data is transmitted via secure https access with encryption to maintain a high level of security.

Train your employees

The list of qualifications helps you follow up on the training your employees have completed and the list of skills they have acquired. Carefully preparing an employee or a group of employees for the next required training ran save you a lot of time.

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