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A bilingual online clothing store for businesses and individuals

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HS Apparel creates and distributes premium quality unprinted clotthings. The company specializes in B2B sales to wholesalers while giving B2C customers the opportunity to place an order.



Receive online orders from different types of customers while reducing the time associated with repetitive and manual tasks.



Automate the transfer of accounting and inventory data

Segment customers into different groups to provide a personalized customer experience

Digitize the B2B ordering process by allowing wholesalers to order online 24/7


Saved hundreds of hours


  • Automatically transfer customers, orders and transactions from the website to the accounting system
  • Synchronize inventory between e-commerce and warehouse
  • Centralization of all orders in one platform while respecting business rules

The dvore experience

"The dvore team is always there to help us. It is a human, professional team that you can talk to. The service is personalized and adapted to the company's needs."

Emmanuelle Lavallée - Manager HS Apparel


Our mandate

Migration of the Shopify online store to dvore.

In order to benefit from a turnkey service, a personalized follow-up and an online store truly adapted to their needs as a manufacturing company, HS Apparel chose to migrate to the dvore eCommerce solution.

The dvore team migrated the company's customer data and products to a brand new custom transactional platform.

See the positive impact of dvore on all departments of the company



Accounting and Finance

Operations and Logistics

Information technology



Purchase process adapted to the needs of B2B & B2C customers

Segmentation of customers into several group

Customization of business rules for individuals and wholesalers according to the group of customers to which they are associated

Price lists

Customer discounts according to his group


Delivery and pick-up

Payment terms and conditions

Credit and deferred payment


Simple and efficient cart addition adapted to the needs of wholesalers

Batch Add to Cart

Customers can quickly add multiple quantities and sizes of a product with just a few clicks on a single page.


Accounting and Finance

Automation of many accounting tasks that used to be done manually

Bi-directional integration with Quickbooks Online

Inventory is synchronized between Quickbooks and dvore based on inventory receipts and online sales.

Inventory management

Real-time inventory updates


Automate accounting entries for transactions

Data transfer

Complete reporting and access to financial data

Operations and Logistics

Automate packing slip and tracking number creation

Shipstation Integration

Manage each package to be shipped more efficiently by selecting the most advantageous carrier according to the customer's needs and automating several steps such as sending the tracking number to the customer.

Comparison of shipping rates

Access to multiple carriers' rates

Real-time order tracking

With tracking numbers for both the administrator and the customer

Customized order status

Adapted to business processes

Information technology

Human service and personalized support adapted to the company's needs

Professional implementation of the solution

A flexible B2B & B2C transactional platform implemented by a team specialized in eCommerce. Complete support, from project planning to team training.

Fixed maintenance cost

Fixed cost subscription including automated and transparent updates

No plugins

Built-in functionality, no third-party modules required

DevOps methodology

Faster and better quality release


Reduce manual tasks, increase sales and measure performance

Essential tools for tracking business performance

Dashboard and reports to track performance and synchronize data with accounting and marketing.


Real-time tracking of sales performance in dvore

Profitability analysis

Real-time comparison of sales and expenses in Quickbooks Online

Performance measurement

Analysis of customer data and behavior with Google Analytics


An eCommerce solution designed for distributors

Multiplying your sales channels has never been easier. dvore allows you to centralize both business and consumer sales on a single eCommerce platform.

See how dvore is an indispensable tool for retailers!

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