Sustainable development

A platform integrating sustainability and social responsibility principles to help you improve your impact through digital technology


Sustainable technology

A continuous process to develop energy-efficient and inclusive solutions

Web platforms designed according to general eco-design principles

  • Minimalist tree structure and optimized page structure to reduce loading time
  • Personalized and adapted user experience, reducing the number of clicks and, consequently, server requests
  • Automatic image compression for fast loading and optimum quality on multiple devices and screen formats
  • Waste-reducing source code (no plug-ins or add-ons)

Green web hosting

All platforms are hosted on hydro-powered servers optimized to consume a reduced amount of electricity.

Several features to improve web accessibility

  • Customizable color themes to suit individual user preferences, including light, dark and contrast modes.
  • Automatic adjustment of platform display to screen size or when zoomed in for improved readability.

Certified B Corp™

An approach that reflects our commitment

The path to B Corp certification has been the driving force behind a re-evaluation of our products to integrate several sustainable development principles. Every day, our team continues to innovate in this direction to equip organizations to make the digital shift in an eco-responsible way.

Improve your impact while automating your sales and training processes

We design portals to help organizations reduce their environmental footprint while improving the skills of their employees and customers.


Market your products in a more eco-friendly way

A range of functions and solutions connected to your portal to improve your business processes and reduce your ecological footprint.

Product sheets with traceability, carbon footprint, and certifications

Increase transparency and reduce returns with detailed product sheets that can include a range of customized features:

  • 3D viewer allowing user to see a product from different angles, making it easier to understand its main features
  • Detailed description with several options and variants
  • Highlight product certifications and ecological footprint
Eco-responsible logistics and transport solutions integrated into your portal

Connect your portal to eco-friendly solutions such as home delivery using electric vehicles, or in-store pick-up using smart lockers.

Ecological packaging solutions

Offer your customers an eco-friendly packaging option instead of regular packaging at checkout. Our team can also recommend different suppliers from our network of strategic partners.


Train your employees and customers in a sustainable way

A customized training module integrated into your portal, favoring a positive impact on your customers or employees by developing their skills while reducing your carbon footprint.

Content structured in modules to facilitate knowledge transfer

Enhance the skills of your users, whether employees or customers, and foster a learning culture that propels not only individual growth, but also the development of a more innovative and informed society.

Distance learning reduces your impact on the environment

Train your employees or customers efficiently from a distance, reducing travel and your carbon footprint. Centralize all your training on a secure portal accessible at all times.

Online training to promote product maintenance rather than replacement

Encourage preventive maintenance and equipment repair with detailed training to extend the useful life of your products and limit waste production.

Looking for a sustainable solution?

Customer portal

A customized extranet portal designed to help you develop a unique and lasting relationship with your B2B and B2C customers.

Employee portal

A customized extranet portal designed to help you develop a unique and lasting relationship with your B2B and B2C customers.

Resources to facilitate your social-ecological transition

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Adopting sustainable and responsible digital practices

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