Employee portal

Consolidate your teams' communications and resources

A company-branded platform dedicated to structuring employee training and internal communications


We develop the technology You mobilize your talent

A flexible SaaS portal tailored to your needs. Personalize the employee experience and Train your teams.


The employee experience

Build employee loyalty and engagement with a customized portal designed to provide a work experience tailored to each role within your organization.


Native modules that can be adjusted to your specific needs, or custom-developed from scratch


Simplified management of content availability and user actions based on the group to which each employee is assigned.


A solution that facilitates the exchange of essential information, news sharing, effective collaboration and training for your employees, wherever they work.


Connect existing systems to your portal, so that every employee can quickly access all the tools they need to get the job done.


Your teams

Create personalized learning paths to encourage the continuous improvement of each employee's skills and thus actively contribute to their professional development.


Training courses including a variety of teaching resources, questionnaires and certifications


Share video training, 3D training and documents that can be organized into modules to support employees' development.


Verify comprehension of topics covered after each module using questionnaires validated in real time.


Recognize the work and efforts of your talent with certificates that can be accredited by an organization upon successful completion of a complete training course.

Offer your human resources an easy-to-use tool for professional development.

Discover the many advantages of choosing a dvore employee portal


For the company

Our employee portal offers a simple and effective solution for optimizing employee training and engagement, while reducing the costs associated with human resources development and management. By replacing face-to-face training sessions with online courses, we enable flexible and efficient employee progression within your company, at lower cost.

This saves you time and resources, while ensuring the ongoing development of your talent.

Our technological solutions are designed to improve productivity by centralizing access to essential information, automating administrative processes, facilitating communication and collaboration between your teams, and offering online training for the ongoing development of employee skills.

As a result, your employees can save time, concentrate on their core tasks and work more efficiently, contributing to an overall increase in company productivity.

Facilitate performance monitoring with a dvore employee portal. Centralize key data and provide managers with assessment tools to track employee progress and make informed HR management decisions.

A dvore employee portal gives employees greater autonomy by automating certain administrative processes and centralizing information, enabling them to manage certain tasks themselves and concentrate on more strategic activities. The same applies to HR managers, who can spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks.


For employees

With a dvore employee portal, all essential information such as internal policies, benefits, news, etc., is centralized and easily accessible for employees, enabling them to quickly find the information they need without having to search through different sources.

At dvore, our team specializes in developing interoperable solutions that can be connected to a multitude of tools such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure.

Our e-learning module integrated into our employee portal solution enables your talent to continuously develop their skills and grow professionally.

Offering training on specific and general topics not only promotes employee growth, but also strengthens their commitment to the company, and can even open up new career opportunities within your organization.

Choosing a SaaS platform allows employees to access their information, news and training from any device connected to the Internet. This flexibility gives them the freedom to work remotely or on the move, improving their work-life balance.

Reinforce your employees' commitment and sense of accomplishment by offering a personalized portal representing the corporate culture. It's also the ideal tool for unifying your teams and fostering collaboration. It's an essential asset for creating a positive, motivating work environment where employees feel valued and engaged.

Whatever your industry or the size of your organization

We have a solution for you

An employee portal adapted to the reality of Small and medium-sized companies

  • Customizable

    Customizable modules developed for our team

  • Flexible

    Flexible monthly subscriptions tailored to your organization's real needs

  • Intuitive

    Easy-to-use interface and management tools

  • Agile

    Agile implementation and flexible technology



Train your employees on your production line's equipment and processes with a 3D viewer integrated into your portal.



Interact effectively with all your employees, regardless of their location or role in your company.



Optimize employee scheduling and training to ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery.

Offer a distinctive employee experience

An optimized virtual work environment thanks to a set of native modules


User groups

Segment employees according to specific criteria, facilitating more effective management of training and targeted communications.


Video training

Video-based courses offer a visual and interactive learning experience, while allowing administrators to track view history.


3D training

Immersive training experience using a 3D viewer or augmented reality to accurately visualize products and locations, enhancing user understanding.



Educational supports in the form of documents, offering users a learning approach based on reading and study.



Detailed assessments to validate users' understanding and acquisition of new knowledge after each training module.



Learners can receive an online certificate on successful completion of a complete training course, giving them concrete recognition of their achievements.


News and publications

Centralized communication of news and publications directly in the employee portal, facilitating the dissemination of important information to all employees.



Manage and coordinate internal events, online or in person, through the employee portal.


SaaS technology

A secure, flexible employee portal

  • Automatic platform updates
  • Native modules constantly enhanced to support your organization's growth
  • Fixed rates tailored to your needs, with monthly or annual subscription options
  • Security maintenance, hosting and performance optimization included

Choosing dvore is choosing peace of mind

Our team of experts will design, implement and maintain your employee portal, so you can spend more time on your value-added activities.

Professional implementation

A team specialized in the development of customized, operations-integrated portals


Needs analysis

Assessment of your training and personnel management strategy, as well as your existing processes and technologies.


Turnkey project

Implementation of a customized employee portal in your corporate colors, internal data migration, content integration and connection to existing systems.


Training and support

Training of administrators according to the specific needs of your digital project, and post-launch support.


Protecting your teams' data

Rely on dvore to protect your data and those of your employees

Protect your portal against malicious attacks and prevent unauthorized access to your databases with a series of measures carefully designed by our cybersecurity specialists.


Data hosted in Canada

by data centers with the following certifications:

  • TIER III (99.982% uptime)
  • SSAE16/ISAE3402 SOC-1 Type II
  • ISO 50001, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001
  • Infrastructure validated by ICANN

Green web hosting

Data centers powered entirely by renewable hydroelectric energy.


GDPR standards and Law 25

Compliance with Quebec and European data protection requirements.


Connect your existing technology solutions to your employee portal


dvore API

Each of our solutions comes with an API, making it easy to connect your systems, regardless of the type of technology you use.

Offer your employees a personalized experience

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