Manage products variations

Configure your products quickly by adding variations of colors, sizes, and materials. Each of them can be personalized with a unique image, price, inventory or SKU.

Performing product page

Clean, fast and SEO-friendly page with variants and inventory management.


Manage your products efficiently

Search for your products quickly by name, SKU, price or category. Activate or deactivate them with a single click from the list of products.

Translate your products

Change the title, URL link, and description of your products in all languages on a single listing.

No plugin or duplicate content, plus it's optimized for SEO.

Customize your prices

Manage the prices of each of your products individually by currency and by customer group. Add personalized discounts for each of them.


Receive recurring payments

Sell products or services with an online subscription to generate recurring revenue and build customer loyalty.


Set up your subscriptions

Choose the price and the renewal frequency of your choice. Offer a free trial and choose to automatically renew or not the payment of your customers.


Multicurrency e-commerce

Add multiple currencies to your online store and let your international customers choose the one they prefer.


Custom prices by currency

Adjust the price of each of your products individually for each currency, or choose a universal conversion rate for all prices.