Why do business with a certified B Corp?


Are you considering engaging the services or purchasing a product from a certified B Corp™? Do you aspire to develop a partnership with a Certified B Corporation™? In this article, you will find the key benefits of choosing to do business with a company that has earned this recognition, along with a wealth of information related to the certification process!

Explore how the B Corp certification distinguishes companies that integrate sustainable development at the core of their business strategy by offering innovative solutions to environmental and social challenges.

What is B Corp certification?

The first step in understanding the benefits of choosing a certified B Corp is undoubtedly to take a closer look at the certification process and the standards to be met.

B Corp certification is granted to companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Obtaining the Certified B Corp™ designation involves answering a set of requirements and questions, providing several pieces of evidence. These elements are then thoroughly evaluated by B Lab™, a non-profit network responsible for overseeing the certification process. It must also complete the assessment with a minimum score of 80, failing which it will have to resubmit an application once it has made the necessary changes to one or more impact areas.

In addition, to maintain B Corp certification, the company must engage in a process of continuous improvement, since it will have to go through this process again every 3 years, and increase the score obtained at each recertification.

In other words, achieving B Corp certification implies a rigorous process and a commitment to continuous improvement of its social and environmental impact, while ensuring its economic sustainability.

It is important to note that B Lab is currently undergoing a complete review of its certification process, and that new requirements will be introduced shortly. These forthcoming major changes will aim to encourage companies to adopt best practices in 10 specific subjects, rather than a global scoring system.

How many companies are B Corp?

In 2024, nearly 8,000 companies have joined the B Corp community. Of these, over 900 are in Canada, and nearly 150 in Quebec. Click here for the complete list of certified companies in Quebec.

Accessible certification adapted to company size

Unlike some ISO standards, which may be perceived as more complex and demanding in terms of documentation, B Corp certification is accessible to most companies, whatever their size. A small, medium-sized or large company that considers itself to have good practices and wishes to demonstrate its commitment can begin the process of obtaining this certification. The aim of B Lab is to enable any organization that respects high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability to become part of a large global community of companies working for the common good.

Environmental and social issues: a priority for the years ahead

Sustainable development, social-ecological transition, green transition, corporate social responsibility (CSR), circular economy, carbon neutrality, green energies: these are all terms we're hearing more and more. Ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come has never been more topical.

Several recent statistics demonstrate the importance of these issues:

  • According to a Government of Canada report, young Canadians have identified climate change as one of the five most important issues for them, demonstrating that the environment should be a priority.
  • A study conducted by Statista on a global scale in 2022 shows that a large majority of consumers have modified their purchasing habits from a little to a lot in order to be more respectful of the environment, compared to 5 years ago.
  • The results of a study conducted by KPMG reveal that 83% of responding organizations are looking for suppliers with sustainable practices, or wish to position themselves as a green business.

The benefits of doing business with a certified B Corp

In the current context of growing demand for sustainable products and services, adopting a proactive approach to CSR for your own business and choosing to do business with eco-responsible companies can represent a competitive advantage as well as contributing to the common good. Opting for B Corp certification for your own organization, or seeking out certified companies as partners, is an effective way of achieving this goal.

Here are the main advantages of choosing a B Corp by customer type:

For B2C consumers

When a company is certified, it usually makes a public announcement by sending out a press release, in addition to several other marketing actions to share the big news! Whether by adding the B Corp logo to its website or directly on its product packaging, B Corps can more easily distinguish itself from other offerings.

This makes it easier for consumers to make an informed choice based on their values. The B Corp brand symbol distinguishes companies genuinely committed to sustainable practices. It reduces the risk of greenwashing associated with a company that claims to be "green" without taking concrete action, offering tangible assurance of the authenticity of its environmental and social commitment.

What's more, B Corps usually communicate transparently with stakeholders, including customers, sharing for example their current practices and CSR objectives. Consumers can therefore access a wide range of information relating to the company's commitment, and buy into a specific brand with confidence.

In summary, here are the main advantages for B2C consumers of choosing a certified B Corp company:

  • Easily distinguishable brand symbol used by B Corps
  • Demonstrates the company's commitment to CSR
  • Facilitates informed decision-making

For B2B companies

The advantages mentioned above for consumers also apply to business-to-business transactions. Given the nature of the relationship, which sometimes involves a higher purchase amount or volume as well as a long-term partnership, there are several other advantages for a company to do business with a Certified B Corporation.

During the B Corp certification process, the company is assessed in several areas of impact, including governance, customers and employees. B Lab then looks at several other aspects: from good business management to financial statement control, from employee satisfaction to their financial security.

B Corps must integrate the 3 pillars of sustainable development into their strategy. In other words, in addition to pursuing social and environmental objectives, B Corps must also maintain a solid financial performance to ensure their long-term sustainability.

In light of the above, here are the specific advantages for companies of doing business with a B Corp:

1. Improving social and environmental impact

To have a real impact, it is essential to assess not only one's own footprint, but also the practices of suppliers, partners, customers and other stakeholders involved in the company's ecosystem.

Choosing to do business with a certified B Corp can improve your own impact, as well as having a positive impact on many other stakeholders in the value chain.

"Being a Certified B Corporation ourselves, we place great importance on the practices of our suppliers. The fact that a company is a B Corp increases our confidence in them since we know they share similar values to our own." - Alexandre Jalbert, President and co-founder of dvore.

2. Reduce your financial risk while creating a lasting business relationship

The rigor of the certification process requires that internal processes be well organized and efficient. B Lab evaluates a company's governance, sustainability and stability.

By choosing a certified company, you reduce your financial risk by opting for a partner whose viability and commitment to responsible business practices have been verified.

3. Benefit from quality customer service and develop harmonious business relationships

The well-being and conditions of employees are examined to ensure their satisfaction, which has a positive impact on the quality of customer service. In addition, B Corp certification emphasizes taking into account the opinions of stakeholders, including customers. This approach contributes to building harmonious, lasting business relationships.

4. Access to innovative products and services

A certified company engages in a continuous improvement process to maintain its certification, seeking to constantly innovate to improve not only its processes, but also its products and services.

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