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Two people are watching an online training video. They access it via a tablet and a cell phone.

How can online training reduce your company's carbon footprint?

19 March 2024


Offering online training to your employees and customers is an effective way to reduce your company's ecological footprint by limiting travel, consumption of material resources and extending the lifespan of your products.

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Why do business with a certified B Corp?

07 February 2024


Considering engaging the services or purchasing a product from a certified B Corp™? Discover the key benefits of doing business with a company that has earned this recognition, along with a wealth of information related to the certification process!

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A dvore customer portal including several sections and images. It is presented by a person standing at his desk with a computer.

What is a customer portal? Definitions and examples

06 November 2023


Do you sometimes have trouble differentiating a customer portal from another technology platform such as an intranet, extranet, website or even an eCommerce site? Discover the specific features of a customer portal, its main functionalities and its advantages.

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A customer listens to a training video and takes notes. She uses a dvore customer training portal.

Why and how to train your customers?

25 October 2023


Train your customers to use your products on their own! Learn when, why and how to set up training specifically designed for your customers.

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An example of a simple product configurator with geometric shapes on an iPad

5 benefits for manufacturers of having a product configurator

21 August 2023


Are you looking for solutions to adapt your products to your customers' specific needs? Find out how a product configurator can help you achieve this goal by offering your users an optimized and unique experience.

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A customer portal in a tablet computer that includes a 3D viewer to visualize an object in several dimensions

Why integrate a 3D viewer into your customer portal?

14 August 2023


Implementing a 3D viewer into your technology platform could dramatically improve the customer experience. Explore the benefits this technology can bring to your organization.

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